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  • KARGIL: Past Perfect, Future Uncertain?

    KW Publishers
    ISBN: 978-93-89137-13-2
    Price: ₹.880/-
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    About the Book

    The Kargil conflict was fought 20 years ago. However, it continues to remain relevant for strategic analysts, military historians, academics, armed forces personnel and diplomats. This book, delves into the structures, planning processes and procedures adopted while pursuing diplomacy, higher direction of war and strategic communications, on both sides of the Line of Control during the Kargil conflict. In doing so, existing arguments are challenged and alternative conclusions drawn. This includes the debate around the decision not to cross the LoC during operations, the decision making process involved with the employment of air power and limitations of existing strategic communication structures of the armed forces, as observed during the conflict.

    The second part of the book employs Kargil and the succeeding 20 years, as the basis for analysing the changing character of war. This includes a study of its implications on the notion of victory and shifts needed while pursuing diplomacy, higher direction of war and strategic communications. It also introduces the concept of finite and infinite game theory to conflicts in the sub-continental context, in an attempt to contextualise it through a fresh perspective.

    About the Author

    Vivek Chadha: Colonel Vivek Chadha (Retd), is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA). After serving in the army for 22 years, where he gained experience with both the physical conduct and doctrinal evolution of counter terrorism, he joined IDSA in 2011. His publications include, Even if Ain’t Broke Yet, Do Fix It: Enhancing Effectiveness Through Military Change (2016); Lifeblood of Terrorism: Countering Terrorism Finance (2014); Low Intensity Conflicts in India: An Analysis (2005); Indo-US Relations: From Divergence to Convergence (2008); Company Commander in Low Intensity Conflicts (1997). He co-edited the Asian Strategic Review for four years and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Defence Studies. The author runs a YouTube channel on defence and security issues called Indian Defence and Security.




    1. Turning the Tables: Kargil a Diplomatic Coup
    2. The Higher Direction of War
    3. Strategic Communications during the Kargil Conflict
    4. The Challenge of Future Conflicts: Kargil and Beyond
    5. Competing Notions of Victory: Case of Pakistan
    6. The Case of China
    7. The Future of Conflict



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