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  • China Yearbook 2012

    China Yearbook 2012

    Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA)
    ISBN 978-93-82512-03-5
    Price: ₹. 695/-

    Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA)
    ISBN: 978-93-82512-03-5
    Price: Rs. 695/- [Download E-Copy]

    About the Book

    An annual publication from the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), The China Yearbook 2012 is a round-up of events and issues of significance that occurred in China during the past year and covers important developments in the domestic and foreign policy spheres.

    The second of the series, this Yearbook comprises twelve chapters and a chronology of important events through 2012. The first section reviews internal issues including the 18th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China, state-society relations, China’s economic growth, and developments in the military sphere. The second section examines China’s external relations including those with India and countries of South Asia, the United States, East Asia, Central Asia and important foreign policy developments across the globe. The third section explores China’s involvement in regions that may be considered global ‘hot spots’ – the South China Sea, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and West Asia.

    The Yearbook seeks to promote a deeper understanding of contemporary issues affecting China and their impact on India, and will be useful for researchers, scholars and policy makers.



    Section I: Internal Issues

    1. Politics in China in 2012: Systemic Incrementalism and Beyond
    -- Avinash Godbole

    2. State and Society in 2012 – Protesting for Responsive Governance Structures
    -- Rukmani Gupta

    3. China’s Economy in 2012 – A Review
    -- G. Balachandran

    4. The Chinese Military in 2012
    -- Mandip Singh

    Section II: External Relations

    5. Sino-Indian Jostling in South Asia
    -- Rup Narayan Das

    6. China-United States’ Relations in 2012: Pivoting to Mistrust
    -- Rukmani Gupta

    7. China’s Relations with East Asian Countries in 2012
    -- Shamshad A. Khan

    8. China’s Central Asia Reach in 2012: Beyond Continuity
    -- Jagannath P. Panda

    9. China’s Foreign Relations across the Geographies
    -- Prashant Kumar Singh

    Section III: Global Hotspots and China

    10. South China Sea in 2012: From Anniversaries to Anxieties
    -- Bijoy Das

    11. China and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in 2012: A Review
    -- Priyanka Singh

    12. China and West Asia in 2012
    -- Mandip Singh

    Chronology of Important Events

    About the Authors

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