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Yoginder Rangi asked: What are the major irritants between India and Bangladesh and how do they really affect Indian security?

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  • Smruti Pattanaik Replies: There are several major irritants between India and Bangladesh. For example: demarcation of land and maritime boundary, exchange of enclaves, illegal migration, balance of trade, transit, and sanctuary to Indian insurgent groups. The issues that India considers as major irritants are not the same as that of Bangladesh. For India, shelter to Indian insurgent groups, ISI activities, transit and illegal immigration are major irritants that need to be addressed by Dhaka. For Bangladesh balance of trade, firing across the border, and demarcation of boundaries are more important.

    These irritants affect India's security in a decisive manner. Hosting of Indian insurgents by Bangladesh and illegal migration of Bangladeshis impinges on India's security. Dhaka in the past took a stand that there no insurgent groups are provided sanctuary in Bangladesh and that there is also no illegal migration. However, things have changed after the Awami League has assumed power.