Pentagon report: China is intensifying its military build up against Taiwan; Taiwan plans to deploy indigenous cruse missiles;
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  • In a recently released Pentagon report has noted that China is intensifying its military build up against Taiwan. Despite a friendly government in Taipei, China is building up its military presence in the region. China seems to be wary of the pro independence forces in Taiwan and it appears to be ready to use force to stop the island from declaring independence. On the other hand, according to a Taiwanese lawmaker Lin Yu-fang, Taiwan is also preparing to meet any such eventuality. It is likely to induct indigenously developed Hsiungfeng 2E cruise missiles as the production has resumed following the development of the “key components”. This move was sanctioned in 2008 but the government has remained tight lipped about it. Hsiungfeng 2E has range of 800 km and could be deployed at land or at sea.1

    Another report suggests that as part of the development of missile defence shield, Taiwan is acquiring six batteries of Patriot III missiles forming the backbone of the system which will account for roughly half the costs associated with the project. A long-range early warning radar system, priced at about 40 billion Taiwan dollars, will allow the military to detect and track incoming ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, the report noted. It pointed out that the system will also include locally produced tactical ballistic missiles evolved from existing missiles known as "Tienkung", or Sky Bow.2