Series of shooting in Mosul; Iraqi PM requests UN for action against August 19 Baghdad truck bombings perpetrators allegedly in Syria
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  • Five people, including a two-year-old child were killed in a series of shootings in the restive northern city of Mosul. Three Iraqi security force members, including two policemen and a soldier were also killed in separate shooting incident at a checkpoint in central Mosul1.

    Prime Minister al-Maliki meanwhile urged the UN to act on his request for an international tribunal to try suspects responsible for the August 19 suicide truck bombings on the foreign and finance ministries in Baghdad, which killed over 100 people. He briefed the UN Special Envoy on the escalating dispute with neighboring Syria as a result of the attacks. Baghdad charged that two wanted members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party who had fled to Syria at the start of the war planned and financed the August 19 attacks. Syria has however refused to hand over these suspects2.