Kazakhstan extends ban on petroleum product exports until 2013; Russia to increase duty-free fuel supplies to Kyrgyzstan by 30%; Kazakhstan will not sell uranium to Iran; Kazakhstan to supply 300 mcm in gas to Kyrgyzstan; Russia and Kyrgyzstan to discuss
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  • According to reports, the Kazakh government has extended the export of certain petroleum products (kerosene oil, light distillates) for an additional six months. The ban does not apply to special gasoline and heating oil. It has also asked members of the Eurasian Economic Commission (Russia and Belarus being the other members) to suspend exports of these products as well.1

    In another development, reports noted that Russia has agreed to increase the volume of duty-free petroleum products to Kyrgyzstan by 30 percent this year. Russia will supply a further 700,000 tons of petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL). The two sides had earlier agreed to the supply of 300,000 tons of POL. 2

    Meanwhile, the chief of Kazakhstan’s national nuclear agency Kazatomprom, Vladimir Shkolnik, has reportedly said that the government will not sell uranium to Iran under its commitment to ensure the resource is used only for peaceful purposes. 3

    Meanwhile, reports noted that Kazakhstan has agreed to supply 300 million cubic meters (mcm) of gas to Kyrgyzstan. It will provide the gas at $95 per 1000 cubic meters, for a total gas bill of $28.5 million. 4

    In other developments, according to reports, Russia and Kyrgyzstan have discussed the cancellation of all debt (estimated to be around US$ 490 million) owed to Russia. Both the sides have also discussed military cooperation and collaboration in electricity projects in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan has also tentatively agreed to extend Russia’s use of military bases in its territory for 15 years. Russia is currently using an airbase in Kant near Bishkek, a torpedo testing facility at Issyk-Kul lake in Eastern Kyrgyzstan, a communications center in the northern Chui province, and a seismic laboratory in Maily-Suu. 5

    Meanwhile, reports noted that Tajikistan has concluded a deal with Pakistan to buy wheat, corn, rice and sugar. Tajikistan will import 100,000 tons of wheat, 5,000 tons each of rice and corn and 30000 tonnes of sugar. 6