Polls indicate Obama ahead of McCain; Sen. Evan Bayh in the running to be Obama’s running mate; Western states gain significance in the presidential race; McCain stresses on the need to ensure energy security
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  • A recent poll published in the Time magazine indicated that the Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama was ahead of his Republican contender John McCain. The poll noted that 46 percent of the people surveyed would vote in favour of Obama while 41 percent would vote for Mr. McCain. It also showed that both candidates experienced a drop in their respective support bases by 1 and 2 percentage points respectively1. The results of this poll were in congruence with another report by the VOA which stated that Americans were wary of the policies of President Bush and that they hoped to see a change of guard taking place in favour of the Democrats2.

    There was also widespread speculation that Sen. Evan Bayh would likely be Mr. Obama’s probable candidate for his running mate3. Sen. Obama meanwhile reiterated that small contributions such as $200 accounted for more than half of the $340 million funds collected so far in his campaign. Reports however noted that one-third of his total funds had been accumulated from donations worth at least $10004.

    Reports also noted that eight states on the Western coast, largely viewed as Republican strongholds, were slated to play a significant role in the elections. Both the parties were reportedly concentrating on the region which had lately undergone notable demographic changes and therefore could play a crucial role in determining the final results5.

    In other developments, on a visit to a nuclear plant in Michigan on August 5, Sen. McCain stressed the need to ensure energy security. He expressed his support to build 45 nuclear power reactors by the year 2030, calling it an “all-of-the-above-approach.” Sen. Obama on his part insisted that there were other issues which required attention, such as the disposal of nuclear waste and security of nuclear materials6.