Saudi Arabia calls on international community to exert more pressure on Israel
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  • According to reports, Saudi Arabia's UN delegation appealed for increased international pressure on Israel to seek genuine peace with the Palestinians and to put an end to human rights violations against the Palestinian people. Saudi Arabia stresses the importance of not relying on hopes without the continuation of exerting more pressure from the international community on Israel and the issue should not be limited to the reviews in the Security Council's deliberations. Abdulmohsen F. Alyas, the kingdom’s Chargé D'affaires stated that, “Israel is on a quest to change the situation on the ground that include, but not limited to, confiscation and destruction of Palestinian homes, expansion of settlements; arrests, detentions and use of excessive violence against demonstrators, continuation of the blockade on Gaza Strip.” Saudi Arabia appreciates a decision by the European Union (EU) to ban NGOs active in Israeli settlements from using EU money and called for other countries in the world to follow the EU’s step. 1