President’s Office responds to the article written by Former President Mohamed Nasheed; Vice President Mohamed Waheed Deen thanks the US
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  • (JULY 2-8)

    According to reports, President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad has written in the the Financial Times in response to a recent article in which former President Mohamed Nasheed in which he had called for a tourism boycott. “It is hugely irresponsible and deeply concerning that a former head of state and current presidential candidate for the elections taking place in 2013 is attempting to destroy the heart of the Maldivian economy – tourism,” writes Imad. “The Maldivian people make their living through the success of the tourism industry and Mr Nasheed is seeking to devastate their livelihood.” Imad has also emphasised that Nasheed’s claims of “Talibanisation” are in their entirety completely false, inflammatory and offensive. According to Imad, such accusations accentuate his misunderstanding of Islam, the Maldives and the Maldives people. 1

    In another development, Maldives Vice President Mohamed Waheed Deen has thanked the United States government for its continuous support and assistance to the Maldives, at the reception held to mark the 236th Independence Day of the US. Underlining the many areas of partnership between the two countries, the Vice President especially noted the Maldives-USA defense cooperation, which has been vital in enhancing the national defense capabilities of the Maldives. 2