UN monitoring missions suspends work following escalating violence; Free Syrian Army supports suspension
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  • According to reports, following an announcement by the head of the UN monitors in Syria, General Robert Mood, that the mission would be suspended due to the recent escalation in violence, the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) deputy chief of staff has said that the FSA supports the decision. Col Arif al-Hamud stated that there was no practical role left for the UN monitoring mission in Syria since government forces were carrying out killings in spite of the presence of the monitors. He also added that the only solution to the crisis is to support the FSA with “weapons and money” in order that it resolves the military situation1

    Meanwhile, according to reports a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that the country would like to see resumption of the work of the UN observers in Syria so as not to allow further suffering of the Syrian civilian population. He stressed Russia’s unacceptability of “statements and actions by certain external forces” that have aggravated the conflict in Syria. 2

    In other developments, reports noted that Presidents of Russian and the United States have jointly called for an immediate end to the violence in Syria and a movement towards political transition to a democratic and pluralistic system. They added that the Syrian people should choose their future independently, within the framework of Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. 3

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