Tensions between Thailand and Cambodia over border temple escalate further; Thai PM: China visit a success; China criticizes Indonesia’s move to detain Chinese fisherman in South China sea
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  • Tensions between Thailand and Cambodia escalated further with the deployment of more Cambodian troops along the border near the disputed Preah Vihear temple. Thai soldiers were also put on full alert in anticipation of armed clash between the two sides1.

    Thai PM Abhisit Vajjajiva meanwhile stated that his trip to Beijing was a success as it had strengthened prospects of trade and investment cooperation between the two countries2. During his visit, both the countries signed an agreement to expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation3.

    Tensions between Indonesia and China also increased with China reacting strongly to the Indonesian move to detain Chinese fishermen in the South China Sea on June 204.

    Burma meanwhile has denied any links with a North Korean ship – the Kang Nam 1, which was allegedly carrying a cargo of weapons (in defiance of a UN embargo) towards Burma5. Reports also noted that the Burmese authorities had imposed restrictions on local newspapers reporting the progress of the North Korean ship6.

    US President Obama meanwhile has asked for the help of Malaysia in ensuring a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. In a telephone conversation with Malaysian PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Obama also expressed the hope that the country will play a key role in facilitating dialogue and engagement between the US and Iran7.

    During talks between PLA Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Ma Xiaotian and US
    Undersecretary for Defence Michele Flournoy, both the sides agreed to avoid military confrontations in high seas that could turn into a major international incident.
    Beijing had opposed US surveillance patrols in the South China Sea, which led to ‘harassment’ of US ships like Impeccable in recent past8.