Israeli Deputy Prime Minister: Use of “Flame” virus justified
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    (MAY 28-JUNE 3)

    According to reports, the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister has said that the threat from the Iranian nuclear programme justifies the use of all means to halt it, including a sophisticated computer virus called “Flame” that has reportedly infiltrated hundreds of computers at sensitive Iranian sites over the past few years. 1 Moshe Ya’alon’s statement has been taken as an indication that Israel was involved in creating the virus to sabotage Iran’s nuclear activities. 2 The Russian computer security firm Kaspersky that is reported to have discovered the virus has called this the most complex cyber attack so far worldwide.

    • 1. “Use of "Flame" virus to halt Iranian nuclear programme – Israel”, IDF Radio, May 29, 2012
    • 2. “Iran produces software to remove Flame virus”, Press TV website, May 30, 2012