The Gilgit Baltistan United Movement adopts ‘Skardu Declaration’; Prisons in PoK to be better equipped; Pak government appropriates Rs. 697.254 million for development in the PoK region; Lawyers from PoK take part in the ‘long march’
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  • The Gilgit Baltistan United Movement organized a public meeting in Chowk Yaadgar-e-Shohda in Skardu-Baltistan on June 15. Reports noted that the alliance partners of the Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance participated in the gathering and adopted a ‘Skardu Declaration’ that aimed to draw the attention of the world community towards the human rights situation prevailing in the region1. The declaration further demanded that Gilgit Baltistan region should be granted internal autonomy and also should have its own identity2.

    Lawyers from PoK took part in a protest march to Islamabad on June 15. The Vice Chairman of the PoK Bar Council, Muhammad Ibrahim Zia was amongst the protesting lawyers, participating in the protest, urged Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani to investigate the contentious issue of seniority of the Supreme Court judges in POK3.

    In other developments, the Special Assistant to the PoK Prime Minster for Jails Rehabilitation and Political Affairs and Food, Chaudhary Muhammad Ismail, addressing a private meeting in Mirpur on June 12 stated that the existing standards of the prisons system in the POK region would be upgraded4.

    The Adviser to the POK Prime Minister on Planning and Development, Chaudhary Tariq Farooq, during a press conference in Muzaffarabad on June 14 stated that the Pakistan government had granted Rs. 697.254 million for infrastructure development in the POK region. The finances would also cover four hydropower generation projects5.