UN extends mandate of its mission in Abyei; UNSC imposes ban on military officers in Guinea-Bissau; UNSC condemns attacks against peacekeepers in DRC; Council members visit West African countries
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  • According to reports, the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force for Abyei was extended by six months and the UN Security Council also demanded that the two countries finalize the establishment of an administration for the area in accordance with an agreement signed last year. The Council welcomed the withdrawal of South Sudanese military and police personnel from Abyei and demanded Sudan to withdraw its forces immediately. 1

    Meanwhile, the UNSC imposed travel ban on five military officers who staged a coup against the civilian government in Guinea-Bissau last month. The Council also demanded the military leadership to take immediate steps to restore and respect constitutional order. It is likely that the Council will review the measures contained in the resolution and strengthen it through additional measures such as an arms embargo and financial measures. 2

    In other developments, the Council strongly condemned attacks on the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo in which 11 Pakistani peacekeepers were seriously wounded. 3

    According to reports, last week, the 15 member states of the UN Security Council left for an official mission to West African countries, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire to assess the developments in the countries. 4