President Dr Mohamed Waheed briefed the cabinet on his recent visit to India; President Waheed thanks Indian President and PM
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  • President Dr Mohamed Waheed has briefed the cabinet on his recent visit to India, from 11 to 15 May on May 16. At the cabinet meeting held today, the President said that he decided for his first visit to be to India, since assumption of office, because of the close friendship both the countries have always shared. The President briefed the cabinet on the discussions held with his meetings with the President, Prime Minister, Minister of External Affairs, the Foreign Secretary, governor and Chief Minister of Maharashtra, top business leaders in Delhi and Mumbai during his visit to India. The President said that he ensured that the Indian leaders were clear on the current political and economical state of the Maldives. He also said that he had given assurance to the Indian leaders, that the Maldives was functioning in a very transparent environment, as required from a democratic country. 1

    Meanwhile, in two separate letters to the President and the Prime Minister of India, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has thanked President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, following his official visit to India from 11 to 15 May. 2