Refugees in Tripura to return to Mizoram; North-East Students Organization (NESO) moves Prime Minister on influx issues; President to visit Assam and Nagaland
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  • According to reports, despite uncertainties among refugees, the Mizoram government has agreed to resume the rehabilitation of over 40,000 tribals who had sought refuge in Tripura for about 16 years. In view of the growing ethnic troubles, the Tripura government has been repeatedly telling the Centre that the long stay of the immigrants was causing socio-economic and law and order problems. In contrast, refugee leaders have been insisting that without a formal agreement between the governments of the States of Mizoram and Tripura, the Union government, and tribal leaders, the rehabilitation of refugees would remain uncertain. Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has asked the Mizoram to re-start the stalled rehabilitation of refugees, in coordination with Tripura. The issue was also taken up at the Chief Ministers' meeting with Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde in New Delhi last month. 1

    In another development, according to reports, the North East Students Organisation (NESO) while urging the Prime Minister not to abolish the Ministry of DoNER has called for its re-structuring besides demanding detection and deportation of illegal migrants. The NESO leaders said that though they were satisfied with the Prime Minister’s response to their demands, they would like to wait for fulfillment of the assurances made by Dr Singh. The NESO leaders claimed that the Prime Minister agreed with the view that illegal foreigners should be detected and deported. He also wanted the National Register of Indian Citizens to be updated within a specific time-frame. However, the Prime Minister strongly favoured the land boundary agreement signed with Bangladesh arguing that the deal would lead to final demarcation of the land boundary between India and Bangladesh. 2

    In other developments, reports noted that President Pranab Mukherjee will be on a three-day visit to Assam and Nagaland from May 6. 3