Clinton warns Pak of ‘severe consequences’ if terror link to its soil is proved; Qureshi: Times Square conspiracy could be ‘retaliation’ from Taliban against US drone attacks; Gen. Petraeus: Times Square suspect was a ‘lone wolf’; Pak receives $1 billion
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  • US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on May 7, in the aftermath of the failed attempt to set off a truck bomb in Times Square, New York cautioned Pakistan that it will face ‘severe consequences’ if terror links to its soil are proved. She however acknowledged Pakistan’s cooperation in fighting militancy and urged further enhancement in the level of cooperation.1

    Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated that the Times Square attempt could be seen as ‘retaliation’ against US drone attacks by the Taliban. He added that Faisal Shehzad, the man arrested on charges of attempting the bombing, was a naturalized citizen of US.2

    Gen. Petraeus on his part stated that the Times Square suspect was a ‘lone wolf’ and his linkage with terror camps in Pakistan was yet to be established.3 Pakistan on its part offered ‘full cooperation’ in the investigations.4

    Pakistan meanwhile received $1 billion from the US as part of Coalition Support Fund (CSF) to finance counter-terror activities. Finance Ministry officials in Islamabad noted that the delay in forwarding the money by the US was impacting the budget process in Pakistan.5

    In other developments, in a meeting chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP decided that the role of former President Musharraf, Interior Minister Rehman Malik among others will be examined in the ongoing investigations into Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.6