China asserts that its survey ship acted legitimately when it opposed the activities of a Japanese Coast Guard vessel in the East China Sea; Japan re-starts a fast breeder nuclear reactor for first time since the reactor was shut down 14 years ago
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  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry asserted that a Chinese marine survey ship had acted legitimately earlier in the week when it chased a Japanese Coast Guard vessel that was allegedly engaged in research activities in an area claimed by Japan as within its territorial claims in the East China Sea. China of course does not recognize the Japanese claims.1

    In other developments, Japan restarted a fast-breeder nuclear reactor for the first time since it was shut down 14 years ago because of a major accident. After getting a final go-ahead, a spokesman for the Japan Atomic Energy Agency stated that workers began removing control rods from the plutonium-fired reactor in the northern fishing town of Tsuruga.2