Karzai and Zardari to meet with Obama in Washington in May; Spanta: Pakistan is a threat to global security; US war veterans: Purely military approach will not help in Afghanistan; Taliban reject government’s claim of ongoing negotiations
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  • Even as reports indicated that Mr. Karzai and Mr. Zardari will meet with President Obama in Washington in early May, Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta reaffirmed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s view that Pakistan continued to be a threat to global security. Spanta was speaking at Warsaw on April 23 after meeting Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski1.

    US war veterans meanwhile, speaking before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, warned that troop surge was unlikely to have much benefits in dealing with the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. They called for a more comprehensive approach, instead of a purely military approach to deal with the rapidly changing situation2.

    In other developments, even as President Karzai's spokesman Humayoun Hamidzada told reporters that the Afghan government was in contact "at various levels" with opposition forces, a Taliban spokesperson rejected the claim as an attempt to “create disunity and split among the Taliban” and asserted that the Taliban “will not engage in talks as long as foreign troops are here3."