India’s PM Manmohan Singh: Support for India’s seat at UN high table growing; Resolution 1976 passed to fight piracy; UNSC condemnes terrorist attacks in Belarus; UN Security Council urges Quattara to form all-inclusive government
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  • India’s Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that the support for the country’s bid to the UN Security Council is growing. Reports noted that China had earlier vaguely backed India’s bid during the BRICS summit held recently. However, there was no promise that China would vote for India’s inclusion on the high table.1

    Meanwhile at the UN Security Council, in an effort to fight piracy, the members decided to urgently consider the establishment of specialized Somalian courts to try suspected pirates in Somalia and in the region. The Council also urged both States and non-State actors affected by piracy, most notably the international shipping community, to provide support for a host of judicial- and detention-related projects through the trust fund set up for that purpose. The 15- member body passed a resolution wherein the need for “a comprehensive response to tackle piracy and its underlying causes by the international community” was stressed.2

    Meanwhile, the Security Council strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Belarusian capital which killed at least 11 people and injured dozens of others. The 15-member body reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security and reiterated its determination to combat all forms of terrorism in accordance with the UN Charter.3

    In other developments, reports noted that the UNSC encouraged President Quattara of Cote d’Ivoire to form an all-inclusive government. The Council urged all the Ivorians to refrain from any reprisals, revenge or provocation and to exercise maximum restraint and to work together to promote national reconciliation and restore sustainable peace through dialogue and consultation. The Council also encouraged the UN peacekeeping mission in the country to help the government in the task of disarmament, the establishment of security, public order and rule of law throughout the country.4