Suicide attack in Indonesia wounds dozens; Vietnam plans first tsunami drill in Da Nang; US $ 1.6 billion power station to be built in Vietnam with Chinese support; Samsung to invest US $ billion in Indonesia;
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  • According to reports, a suicide bomber blew himself inside a mosque in Cirebon on April 15. This is the first suspected suicide attack in Indonesia in the past two years, though several letter bomb episodes have happened in the last two years.1

    Reports noted that Vietnam is preparing to hold the first ever tsunami preparation exercise on 1 September, 2011. The exercise will be held in Da Nang, a prominent city of Vietnam. According to the reports, the exercise will be based on simulated tsunami triggered by earthquake off the Philippines; western coast.2 Meanwhile, Janakuasa will build a US $ 1.6 billion power station in Vietnam. The project named as Duyen Hai 2, will be built in Tra Vinh district. Huadin Engineering Co Ltd, China has guaranteed to fund US $ 1.59 billion for the project. The project is likely to be completed by 2014.3

    According to the Indonesian officials, the government is seeking US $ 1 billion investment from Samsung group in the country. The proposed areas of investment include solar cell technology, coal, crude palm oil among other things. Though Samsung has not yet arrived at a decision on investment amount, according to the media reports, it has agreed on the overall plan.4

    In other developments in the region, China, Japan and South Korea; the +3 members of ‘ASEAN+3’ have agreed to set up a rice reserve, in order to cope up with food price inflation. The three countries have agreed to provide 720,000 tons of rice reserves. The reserve will kick off in October 2011, during the 32th ASEAN agricultural and forestry ministerial meeting in Cambodia.5