South Korea and U.S to hold Anti-Invasion Drill; China's “military might” does not find favour with the US
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  • Reports noted that South Korean and U.S. troops will carry out an anti-invasion drill on a frontline island next month in response to North Korea's construction of a hovercraft base. It would be the first time the two allies will conduct a joint exercise on Baengnyeong Island, near the disputed sea border in the Yellow Sea. SBS TV and Chosun daily said special troops from the two allies will conduct the drill around the middle of next month. Inter-Korean ties remain bitter since South Korea blamed the North for allegedly torpedoing a South Korean warship near Baengnyeong Island in March last year, in which 46 sailors lost lives.1

    Meanwhile, expressing concern over the increasing military might of China in the Asia Pacific region, a top Pentagon commander and several senators have favoured the demand for more counter-balancing US efforts in the region. "As China was exerting its influence last year in a very assertive way, we were receiving general appeals across the Asia-Pacific from among our partners with regard to a desire for more US influence in the region," Admiral Robert Willard, Commander, US Pacific Command (PACOM) said. "Countries in the Asia Pacific region are asking for its influence to counterbalance China as they are being challenged by it," he said. Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee , Senator John McCain and several other Senators have expressed their concern over China's development of aerial weapons, anti-satellite capabilities, stealth combat aircraft, a growing arsenal of ballistic missiles, offensive cyber-weapons and an aircraft carrier.2