Violence erupts in Balochistan after Chakwal suicide attack; PM Gilani calls for a “comprehensive and integrated national counter terrorism policy”; Holbrooke: Taliban inside Pakistan directing war in Afghanistan against US forces
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  • After the horrific suicide attack in Chakwal on April 6, violence erupted in Balochistan province leading to the death of more than two dozen people and injuring several more1. In view of the rising incidents of terror within the country, Prime Minister Gilani chaired a meeting on national security on April 6 in Islamabad and called on the states to formulate a “comprehensive and integrated national counter terrorism policy” to fight terrorism effectively2.

    US Envoy Richard Holbrooke, who was on a visit to Islamabad during the week, charged that top Taliban leaders positioned inside Pakistan were directing the war in Afghanistan against US forces3. Prime Minister Gordon Brown also urged President Zardari to take concrete action against rising militancy in his country after the UK police arrested at least 11 Pakistanis on charges of plotting a terror attack4.

    In other domestic developments, President Zardari initiated the process to implement the Charter of Democracy (CoD) and urged the government of PM Gilani to adopt the charter as soon as possible5. Later, the National Assembly adopted a resolution authorizing the speaker to introduce the legislation in the house6.