PM Dr. Singh: Intrusion a serious threat to poll process; Army not aware of Taliban presence in Kashmir
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  • Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh admitted in New Delhi on April 10 that armed intrusion into India was a serious threat which could disrupt the poll process. Replying to a media persons query whether armed intrusion by Taliban posed a threat to the country, Dr. Singh noted that "terrorists with evil designs have not given up their plans to interfere with the poll process.” He added that the successful completion of elections in Jammu and Kashmir was not liked by some forces abroad and that they were trying to make every effort to disrupt the poll process1.

    As the reports of Taliban having entered Kashmir increased security concerns, the Army on April 8 clarified that it was not aware of any such presence in the Kashmir valley. Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani rubbished the claims about the presence of Taliban stating that the reports were an "attempt by the Indian security agencies to malign the Kashmir freedom struggle."

    LeT spokesman Abdullah Ghaznavi also denied that there were any Taliban elements fighting security forces in Kashmir. He added that it was "the Taliban phobia of the Government of India that they are crying hoarse about their presence in Kashmir. First they talked about Taliban in Lahore, then too close to India’s western borders and now inside Kashmir."

    Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on his part told journalists that he cannot say whether the militant outfits operating in Kashmir were under the control of Taliban. He however did not rule out links between the jihadis in Kashmir and the Taliban2.