Maldives welcomes International Coalition's enforcement of UNSC Resolution 1973; High Commissioner of Singapore to the Maldives meets with Nasheed; Maritime security coordinating committee formed to formulate Maldives maritime security policy; President a
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  • The Maldives has welcomed the international coalition's enforcement of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, and hopes that the resolution can be enforced with minimum civilian casualties.1

    High Commissioner of Singapore to the Maldives Dr Chua Yong Hai met President Mohamed Nasheed and discussed further cooperation between the Maldives and Singapore.2

    Reports noted that office of the National Security Advisor of Maldives has formed Maritime Security Coordinating Committee with representation from 15 relevant government authorities as part of the formulation of a national maritime security policy within the National Security Framework. The committed held its first meeting on March 24 at the President’s Office. Discussions at the first meeting of the committee were focused on the concept of the maritime security suitable for the Maldives’ maritime domain and how the committee would work to formulate its action plans.3

    Meanwhile, President Mohamed Nasheed attended the reception hosted by High Commissioner of Pakistan to the Maldives Akhtar Ali Sulehri to mark the 71st anniversary of Pakistan’s National Day. In his address, at the reception held at Dharubaaruge President underscored that Pakistan could lead the Islamic world in many areas stating that “many other Islamic countries are just realizing the aspirations of Pakistani leaders 71 years ago.” 4

    In other developments, according to media reports, the terrorist from a seven-member terrorist group, who was arrested in Colombo with cooperation and help from several countries across South Asia including Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, for planning an attack on cricketers during the ICC World Cup 2011, is of Maldivian origin. However, the Maldivian Foreign Ministry said that no reports of a Maldivian arrested in a terrorist activity during the ICC World Cup 2011 have been received so far.5