Japan asks people within 30 km of nuke plant to voluntarily leave; Japanese firms pool resources to aid quake victims; Japan urges Gaddafi to stop violence and consider resignation; South Korea's quake donation campaign to Japan exceeds $52 million;
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  • Reports noted that the Japanese government has encouraged people living within 30 kilometers of the troubled nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture to voluntarily leave. This has been suggested with respect to increasing concerns over access to daily necessities rather than resident safety.1

    On the other hand, various Industrial organizations and individual firms have taken steps to help people affected by the massive March 11 quake and ensuing tsunami. They have been working towards transporting relief supplies to stricken areas and boosting output of products in short supply.2 Meanwhile there are reports that the South Koreans have raised 58.1 billion won (about $52 million) in public donations for victims of Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami.3

    On the international front, the Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto has said that Japan is urging Libya to immediately stop violence against its civilians and suggested leader Muammar Gaddafi consider voluntarily stepping down. “A person who is effectively responsible for the government that has been attacking its own citizens will be required to consider what steps he should take,” Matsumoto said at a press conference.4

    On the regional front, the foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea have been discussing disaster management and nuclear-power safety in Kyoto, Japan. These talks are specifically aimed at boosting the cooperation on the regional front in responding to regional disasters.5