Radha Kumar: Particular solution not suggested; PSA censured repeal demanded; Attack by militants in Sopore; Chief of Army visit in valley
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  • New Delhi-appointed interlocutor for Jammu and Kashmir, Radha Kumar has ruled out mentioning of autonomy in their report about the possible political contours to Kashmir resolution. The interlocutors do not seek to recommend a solution but seek voices from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh on what a lasting solution could be remained the suggestion. After six months of interlocution, the pace of reforms on ground was too slow remained the derivation.1

    Day after Amnesty International called for an end to “arbitrary arrests” and revocation of Public Safety Act in Jammu and Kashmir, the Government of India-appointed interlocutors said the law, which empowers the authorities to detain a person without trial for two years, “certainly needs to be reviewed.” The interlocutors suggested on further discussion of the PSA in the state legislature.2

    Reports noted that suspected militants fired upon a search party of police in thee north Kashmir town of Sopore. Following the attack, a sub-inspector of police was injured after being hit by a vehicle.3

    In other developments, the Army Chief, General V K Singh, reviewed the operational preparedness in Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of changing environment and security scenario. He also made visits to the troops deployed in high altitude areas and on the Line of Control in the Valley.4