Russia and Egypt to conclude an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation
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  • Russia and Egypt would conclude an agreement on peaceful uses of nuclear energy during the forthcoming visit of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to Moscow. Russia and Egypt have been working on the agreement since 2000. The agreement would provide a legal basis not only for interaction between the scientists of the two countries but also for the construction of a nuclear power station in Egypt by Russian specialists.

    In April 2005, Presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko, speaking on the eve of President Putin's visit to Cairo, had stated that Russia had long been interested in concluding an agreement on cooperation in the field of nuclear power. However, bureaucratic procedures delayed the process. The agreement would enable Russia to participate in a tender for the construction of Egypt's first nuclear power station. Cairo had plans to build three to four nuclear power plants, with the first of them to be built in the area of Al Dabaa on the Mediterranean coast, 150 km from Alexandria, before 20151.