UAE to pursue nuclear energy for electricity
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  • The United Arab Emirates plans to establish a $100 million agency to look into developing nuclear energy to meet the rising power demand in the country. A recent government statement stated that an “analysis of future domestic electricity demand ... has concluded that peaceful nuclear power generation represents an environmentally promising and commercially competitive option which could make a significant contribution to the UAE's economy and future energy security.” The statement outlined that the UAE intended to establish a Nuclear Energy Implementation Organisation and that the country was proceeding to evaluate the establishment of a peaceful nuclear programme1.

    The UAE also signed a deal with France during President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit in January 2008, agreeing to cooperate on a peaceful nuclear programme. The French on their part have already signed civilian nuclear deals with Arab oil producers, Algeria and Libya. A recent cabinet memorandum on UAE nuclear energy policy has made it clear that the UAE would not enrich uranium itself but import nuclear fuel for its plants.