Rajapakse hails conduct of elections in Batticoloa; Dr. Singh calls for a negotiated political settlement to the Sri Lankan conflict
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  • Reports indicated that the LTTE was on an escalating recruitment drive in the war-torn areas and that the civilians were in a desperate bid to reach areas cleared out of the LTTE’s control even as Wanni was declared to be liberated from the LTTE1. A Sri Lankan Tamil was arrested in Canada on charges of collecting funds for the LTTE. The World Tamil Movement (WTM), the leading Tiger-front organisation in Canada admitted that the money was being sent to the Tigers to buy military equipment2. President Rajapakse has meanwhile applauded the conduct of elections in Batticaola as a victory for democracy and the defeat of terrorism3. The Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) on its part charged the Rajapakse government of hastening the election process in the East.

    Reports also cited Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of stating that there could be no military solution to the Sri Lankan conflict. Dr. Singh emphasized on a negotiated political settlement which would cater to the interests of all the stakeholders within the framework of a united Sri Lanka4.