Prime Minister Fukuda calls on Beijing to take positive steps to settle Tibetan disturbances; Foreign Minister Komura hopes Taiwan Straits issue would be resolved by direct dialogue
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  • Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda expressed the hope that the Chinese government would take positive steps to settle the disturbances in Tibet before President Hu Jintao visited Japan in May. Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura has meanwhile stated that Tibet would be discussed at the forthcoming Japan-China summit meeting1. Reports also noted that about 900 Tibetans and their Japanese supporters staged a protest meeting against the Chinese government’s crackdown on Tibetan protesters2.

    Foreign Minister Komura also expressed the hope that the issue surrounding Taiwan would be resolved peacefully by direct dialogue between the parties concerned on the Taiwan Straits. Insisting that Japan’s diplomatic relations with China remain unchanged, Mr. Komura stated that Tokyo intended to maintain Japan-Taiwan relations “as a working relationship on a non-governmental basis3.”