Inquiry ordered into an accident at Ship Building Centre, Visakhapatnam; Preliminary investigation into the INS Sindhuratna mishap points to human error
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  • (MARCH 3-16)

    According to an MoD release, an inquiry has been ordered to investigate into an accident at Ship Building Centre, Visakhapatnam occurred on March 8. The accident took place when M/s L&T, was undertaking preparatory activities of Hydro Pressure Test of a tank inside a building at the Ship Building Centre, Visakhapatnam. The test of the component was part of the standard industrial process being carried out by the industrial partner at the facility. The accident led to the death of a worker and injury to two other workers of M/s Larsen & Toubro. The release clarified that the accident is in no way related with any nuclear related activity. The submarines are safe and the accident does not adversely affect the project activities or the activities of Indian Navy or DRDO.1

    In another development, according to reports, an MoD press release provided updates on the INS Sindhuratna tragedy. Consequent upon Sindhuratna returning to harbour AM 27 Feb 14, a preliminary assessment of damage sustained onboard was carried out by a specialist team of HQWNC. Based on preliminary inspection of third compartment, the likely seat of fire has been indicated as the mess deck, which is located one deck above the battery bit. Certain electrical cables were observed to be burnt/ damaged in this area. The cause for initiation of fire at this location would be ascertained in due course by the high level BoI. The preliminary inspection of third compartment thus indicates that the fire has emanated from the third compartment mess deck (sailor’s accommodation). In the meanwhile, a high level Board of Inquiry (BoI) headed by a two star Admiral has commenced the investigation to ascertain the cause leading to the incident.2