Lankan diplomatic missions confront LTTE propaganda; No pause in anti-LTTE drive
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  • Sri Lanka diplomatic missions in various countries have been asked to sensitise the international community about the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s (LTTE) separatist propaganda. This international awareness programme, as it is being called, has been reported as a successful effort in garnering support from Sri Lankans residing abroad1. In a recent statement, President Mahinda Rajpakse reiterated that the use of force, which he termed as “liberation operations on the LTTE cadres”, would continue against the Tigers and that he would make sure that they are exterminated totally from Sri Lankan soil. “We are no longer a poor country thriving on aid and subsidies of the world. Our per capita income has risen to US$ 1,625 now. We need not put our head down to anybody, but we are prepared to listen to constructive criticism and prudent advice of others,” the President said2.

    Meanwhile, Daily News has reported that the LTTE has resorted to new tactics by allowing their female cadres to take their children to bunker lines on the Forward defences. A military spokesman termed it as a move to tarnish the image of the Security Forces3. Meanwhile, in Tamil Nadu, two Sri Lankan Tamils were arrested on charges of constructing a boat for the LTTE. It is reported that Rs.3 million were received from the LTTE through hawala transfer to make the 70 feet long boat4.