Russia to build three new factories to develop Anti Ballistic Missile Defence systems; Russia to set up a strategic planning agency; Russia and Japan trade exceeds US$ 30 billion in 2011; Russia and Japan will exchange opinion on prospects for concluding
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  • (January 23-29, 2012)
    According to reports, Russia will build three new factories to produce ABM systems for troops of air-space defence. 1

    In another development, according to reports, the Russian government intends to set up a strategic planning agency for assessing threats to national and technological security of Russia. The agency will develop strategies of the main military, economic, scientific and technical directions of Russia’s development for a period of at least 30 years. Recommendations for technological and industrial development of the home defence industrial complex will also be developed. 2

    Reports noted that Trade turnover between Russia and Japan in 2011 has exceeded US$ 30 billion dollars. The two sides have agreed to focus more on high technological areas and ease the visa regime with a view to promote cultural and humanitarian ties. 3

    According to reports, Russia and Japan have agreed to examine their bilateral relationship including energy cooperation wherein the two sides will discuss construction of a new complex of liquefied gas near Vladivostok. In the backdrop of Russia’s Foreign Minister’s visit to Tokyo, the two sides will also exchange opinion on prospects for concluding a peace treaty, although it is difficult to expect a breakthrough in this sphere over persisting differences in opinions on the problem of the South Kuriles. The ministers will also discuss the situation around the Korean Peninsula and Iran. 4

    Reports noted that Russian, Azerbaijani and Armenian leaders will meet in Sochi for the tenth three-party summit on Nagorno-Karabakh settlement. Successful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by peaceful means is one of Russia's priority interests in the region. 5

    According to reports, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered to withdraw Russian peacekeepers from Sudan since the United Nations mission has ended its activity in the country. 6

    President Dmitry Medvedev has said that Russia is ready to restore diplomatic relations with Georgia, but only in case of a regime change in that country. 7

    Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has said that Russia will do its best not to let a no-flight zone be established in Syria. 8

    The United States has officially refused to take part in an investigation into the causes of the failure of the Phobos Grunt mission to one of the moons of Mars. There have been allegations about the role of American radars in the failure of the mission. 9

    In other develoepmts, according to reports, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of attempts to dominate the world and challenging internal political procedures in other countries as a tool for achieving that goal. 10