Chinese Communist Party leader meets the Venezuelan foreign minister; PLAN sends fleet for patrolling South China Sea; Vice-Premier calls for more cooperation and trust between China and the United States; Mongolia and China to expand cooperation and trad
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  • January 21-27

    According to reports, Yu Zhengsheng, a senior Communist Party of China (CPC) leader met with the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua Milano who visited China on February 2, 2013. They pledged to further promote cooperation between the two countries.1

    According to the Chinese military sources, a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) fleet entered the Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea for patrolling and training missions on February 1, 2013. 2

    The Chinese Vice-Premier, Li Keqiang called for more trust and broadening common interests between China and the United States while meeting a visiting US congressional delegation on January 31, 2013. 3

    In other developments, according to reports, Beijing has stated that China and Mongolia should also work towards expanding their cooperation in trade and investment. 4

    Beijing has reiterated its opposition to Philippines’ request to take the South China Sea disputes to the United Nations tribunal. This was stated by a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on January 31, 2013. 5