Bangladesh and Maldives to forge a joint front on climate change; President Nasheed: Maldives tapping Indian companies in the renewable energy sector;
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  • Bangladesh and Maldives have decided to forge a joint front on the issue of climate change. The newly-appointed Maldivian High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Ahmed Saree, appreciated PM Sheikh Hasina’s stand at the Copenhapgen Summit as well as her personal commitment on reducing carbon emissions.1

    President Mohammad Nasheed announced that Maldives was involved in the process of engaging various Indian companies to further the renewable energy sector as part of its efforts to make the country carbon neutral within the next decade.2

    Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed, during his meeting with Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao acknowledged India’s constructive role in his country’s democratic transition and requested continued support for Indian assistance towards strengthening the Maldivian parliament, judiciary and independent commissions.3