Macao Celebrates 10th anniversary of the PLA Entry; Pakistani Naval Chief visits China: Romanian and Polish military leaders arrive in China: Armenian General pays official visit to China;
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  • Macao marked the 10th anniversary of the entry of PLA in the region on December 16. On this occasion, Central Military Commission (CMC) conferred the honorary title of the “Model Company in Implementing Macao Defense” upon PLA Macao Garrison.1 Incidentally, the Legislative Assembly of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) unanimously adopted the “Rights and Immunities Act Regarding the Macao Garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in Performing Defense Functions and Responsibilities” during the last week. This act states “The Macao Special Administrative Region shall, by means of law, guarantee the rights and immunities that the Macao Garrison” and is expected to safeguard the national interests of the Chinese Central Government.2

    Pakistan’s Chief of Naval Staff, Noman Bashir visited China and met the Defence Minister Liang Guanglie in Beijing on December 18. Speaking on the occasion, Guanglie emphasized that the Chinese armed forces would continue and improve its “friendly and cooperative relation” with their Pakistani counterparts.3

    Meanwhile, a military delegation from Romania visited China to attend the ‘Work Dialogue’ between the Chinese and Romanian Ministries of Defence. The delegation was led by Kotoale-Nicolae, the Head of the Department of International Military Cooperation.4

    An armoured division of the PLA- Jinan Military Area command undertook a military maneuver exercise in extremely chilly and frigid weather conditions in Dabie Mountains this week.5 Besides, the Shenyang Military Area Command stationed in the Changbai Mountains also conducted similar military exercise.6

    The Winter Conscription 2009 is nearing completion. During the season, college students were conscripted on a large scale for the first time. Besides, the upper age limit and medical qualification for vision have been relaxed. The conscription exercise reportedly witnessed women candidates in large numbers. The information about short-listed recruits was made public and a secret inquiry has been launched to monitor conscription.7