Iran hopes Obama will follow a policy ‘based on interaction’; Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency deputy head: Iran 7th country to produce UF6: Iran to ask OPEC to cut oil output
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  • Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi asserted that Iran would not change its nuclear policy and urged President-elect Barack Obama to instead change America’s ‘carrot-and-stick policy.’ He added that Tehran expected Obama to stick to his campaign promise of initiating a change in Washington’s “confrontational” Iran policy to one “based on interaction.” The comments came after Obama stated that he would continue to offer incentives to encourage Iran to cease enriching uranium but would seek to tighten economic sanctions on the country if it did not1.

    Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) deputy head Mohammad Qannadi stated that Iran was the 7th countries in the world to successfully produce Uranium Hexaflouride (UF6). UF6 gas plays a significant role in the production cycle of nuclear fuel. Reiterating that nuclear energy is “the healthiest and cheapest energy in the world”, Qannadi noted that Iran would produce 10 percent of its energy needs (about 20,000 MW) from nuclear power plants in the future. He added that the IAEO would strive to produce 5,000 MW of energy in the next five years2.

    In other developments, Iranian Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari stated that Iran will propose that OPEC cut its output by 1.5-2 million barrels per day at its upcoming meeting in Oran, Algeria on December 17. The minister noted that the proposal was targeted to ensure a balance in the supply and demand of oil in the world market3.