Russia urges North Korea to reverse its rocket launch decision; President Putin warns the West against repeating the Libyan scenario in Syria; Russia says it believes Syria has no nuclear weapons; Putin and Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey discusses a num
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  • Reports noted that Russia has demanded from North Korea to revoke its decision to launch a rocket carrying an earth satellite. Because it will be a violation of resolution 1874 of the UN Security Council that unequivocally prohibits DPRK from rocket launches with the use of ballistic technologies. 1

    President Putin has warned the West against repeating the Libyan scenario in Syria. 2

    President Putin has said that Syria does not possess nuclear weapons and is not even close to production of these weapons. 3

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan have discussed a number of new settlement proposals for Syria and have agreed to work upon them. 4

    Chinese Prime Premier Wen Jiabao has paid an official visit to Russia as part of the 17th regular meeting of the Heads of Government of the two countries with both sides agreeing to work towards increasing their trade turnover to us$ 100 billion by 2015 and US$ 200 billion by 2020. 5

    President Putin has declared that Russia intends to protect the position of the CIS states at G-20 and G-8 summits scheduled to be held in Russia in the near future. 6

    Russian Foreign Ministry has drawn up a list of U.S. citizens who have been involved in encroachments on human rights and will be denied an opportunity to enter the Russian territory. 7

    In other developments, the return of Russian Black Sea Fleet ships from their Mediterranean expedition has been suspended until further instructions on the grounds of the prevailing unstable situation in the region. 8

    The Senate of the U.S. Congress has passed a bill on establishment of normal trade relations with Russia. 9

    Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Russia and NATO want to enhance general security which is aimed against no one in particular and termed the cooperation between them ‘very successful’ in certain areas, such as the fight against drug trafficking, piracy, terrorism, and threats coming from Afghanistan. 10