Defence Minister A K Antony: Austerity measures would not affect defence preparedness; India & Maldives holding fourth joint military exercises at Belgaum
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  • According to reports, India’s Defence Minister Shri A K Antony has said that there will be no cut in budget for procuring equipment essential for operational preparedness of armed forces. "Everything depends on the entire financial situation of the government for ammunition and platforms essential for operational preparedness of the armed forces, there would not be any cut," he told reporters on the sidelines of an IDSA function in New Delhi. The Minister was asked if there would be delays in the procurement of weapon systems for armed forces due to economic slowdown and austerity measures. He said in view of cost-cutting measures, the Defence forces have been asked by the Ministry to concentrate on prioritising their procurements. 1
    In another development, according to reports, India and Maldives are holding the fourth joint annual military training exercises in Belgaum from November 12 to 25. The exercise is named EKUVERIN 2012. These bilateral annual exercises, which commenced in 2009 in Belgaum, are alternately held in India and Maldives. A total of 45 personnel from the MNDF are taking part in the exercises along with the personnel from the Indian Army. The aim of the exercises is to enhance the close military cooperation between the two countries. Notably, defence ties between India and Maldives have continued to expand and strengthen over the years with several high profile visits and joint exercises between the two countries. 2