New armed forces chief appointed; Police chief removed; Gayoom accused of stealing property from Presidential residence
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  • President Mohammed Nasheed appointed Brig. Moosa Ali Jaleel as the new armed forces chief in place of Maj. Gen. Mohamed Zahir, who took over as the National Security Advisor. Reports suggested that the reason for the change was the Armed Forces Act, which was ratified in April and came into force three months later. The Act makes the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) accountable to the Majlis (parliament) and the law for the first time. Mr. Nasheed also removed the police chief Adam Zahir, who was widely accused of widespread corruption and human rights abuses1.

    Reports have also noted that former president Abdul Gayoom has been accused of unlawfully stealing property from the presidential palace. Mr. Gayoom has however rejected the allegations and stated that he “always worked in the best interest of this country2.”

    In other developments, the Civil Service Commission cut its staff and suspended the hiring of new employees. Those laid off would be provided with social security and other benefits. Since the new administration took over, the total number of ministries has been reduced by over one-third3.