Security Council imposes sanctions on Haqqani network; UNSC commends achievements made by Timor-Leste; UN condemns Bahrain bombings; India’s IFFCO at 95th position for turnover in global list of co-operatives
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  • (NOVEMBER 5-11)

    Under India’s presidency, the UN Security Council imposed global sanctions against the Pakistan-based Haqqani network and the group’s chief of suicide operations. The Haqqani group and the chief, Qari Zakar were added to the list of Council’s Afghanistan/Taliban Sanctions Committee and will face an assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo. 1 The move was welcomed by India and stated that the group had also targeted Indian interests in the past. 2

    According to reports, the Security Council commended the “historic milestones” achieved by Timor-Leste since the restoration of independence in 2002 and reiterated UN support to the country. The UNSC delegation that visited the country noted that the close relationship between the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) and the government contributed to many successes especially in the security sector. 3

    Meanwhile, condemning the recent bombings in Bahrain, the United Nations urged all parties concerned to exercise maximum restraint and to refrain from any provocations. Earlier, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern over the government restrictions on public demonstrations and public gatherings. He urged the government to remove the restrictions without delay. 4

    In other developments, the UN body, International Cooperative Alliance’s report ranked India’s Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited at the 95th position overall in terms of turnover in the global list and at the 20th position in the Agriculture and Food Industries sector. IFFCO is the only Indian cooperative to be featured in the rankings.5