The third trilateral talks among India, the US and Japan held in New Delhi; Japan- South Korea dialogue insist on improving bilateral relationship
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    According to reports, during the third trilateral security dialogue recently held in New Delhi among the senior diplomats from India, the US and Japan, maritime security in Asia was discussed amid heightened tensions between China and its neighbours over the South China. During that dialogue, the Japanese delegation explained Japan’s stance on the ongoing dispute with China on the Senkaku island issue. ).1

    During a recent bilateral meeting held between senior government officials from South Korea and Japan, both the parties insisted on the necessity of continued dialogue in improving the two countries relationship that deteriorated recently after South Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s visit to disputed Takeshima islands in August this year. While Shinsuke Sugiyama, head of theJapanese foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, led the Japanese side, the South Korean side was led by Pak Jun Yong, head of South Korean Foreign Ministry’s Northeast Asian Affairs Bureau. This was the first senior government official level dialogue between the two countries since August. ).2