Drone controversy sparks off between Israel and Iran; United States closely monitoring Iranian warships’ Sudan visit
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    According to reports, the Iran-Israel stand-off took a new turn with the former insisting on October 31 that it had obtained images of sensitive areas of Israel from a Hezbollah drone before it was shot down, despite Israel questioning if the aircraft carried a camera. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ spokesman Brig. Gen. Ramezan Sharif said, “The fact that we have obtained the images of many areas that are important for us is the proof that we have conducted a successful mission.” He said noted, “They (Israelis) must know that we possess the information we need on necessary areas in case a particular situation” arises. This is an indication to Israel that these areas could be potential targets for Iranian retaliation in the event of an Israeli attack on Tehran’s nuclear sites. However, senior officials from the Israeli side countered the Iranian claims and said there was no camera on the drone that was shot down over the Negev desert after it entered the country’s airspace from the Mediterranean Sea. 1
    In another development, according to reports, United States is monitoring a visit by two Iranian warships to a Sudanese port this week. Acting U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the United States was “obviously watching that closely.” He added, “We monitor Iran’s activities in the region very closely.” Sudan’s links with Iran have come under scrutiny in recent times after it accused Israel of sending four radar-evading aircraft to strike the Yarmouk military factory in the heart of the capital Khartoum on October 23. 2