Japanese Prime Minister insists on promoting regional cooperation among East Asian states; Abe and Putin agree to boost security dialogue between Japan and Russia
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  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, while addressing a meeting among the ten ASEAN member states and its three dialogue partners-Japan, China and South Korea on October 10, talked about the necessity of a closer regional cooperation in East Asia. He also called on the participant states on strengthening cooperation in finance and food security and promoting people-to-people contact.1

    In another development, during a recent meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 7, both the leaders agreed to boost their bilateral security dialogue. They also appreciated the plans for their foreign and defense ministers to meet in Tokyo from November 1 this year, as this could help in deepening the bilateral relationship. The two agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade and investment, education and research. 2