Indian, Russia to develop hypersonic version of BrahMos
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  • Reports noted that India and Russia have agreed to develop and induct a new hypersonic version of the BrahMos cruise missile by 2015. The new missile, to be known as BrahMos-II, will have speed in excess of Mach 6, as compared to close to Mach 3 for the supersonic BrahMos. However, the flight range of the new missile will be same as that of BrahMos, capable off striking targets up to 290 km. The Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), to which Russia is a party, does not allow it to cooperate with others on missiles with ranges exceeding 300 kms.1

    In 1998, India and Russia had signed an Inter-governmental Agreement to form a joint venture company (later named BrahMos Aerospace) in India to design, develop, produce and market the supersonic version of BrahMos. India has so far inducted the ship- and land-based versions of BrahMos, and the work is “in progress” for the air- and submarine-launched versions.2 Reports also indicated that India plans to deploy the missile in Ladakh.3