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    • Senior Fellow, IDSA, Ambassador P Stobdan’s article on Dalai Lama, titled ‘World is ditching the Dalai Lama’ was published in the Sunday Guardian Live on November 14, 2015

      November 14, 2015
      IDSA News
    • Senior Fellow, IDSA, Ambassador P Stobdan’s article on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), titled ‘Carving out a path on China’s road’, was published in ‘The Hindu’ on October 29, 2015.

      October 29, 2015
      IDSA News
    • An India-China Silk Route Corridor could have multiple advantages for both countries without at the same time compromising their security concerns.

      October 07, 2015
      Policy Brief
    • The central theme of Korybko’s article is to highlight the pivotal importance of Pakistan and the Russian eagerness to build a foundation of political trust with the Pakistani leadership.

      September 18, 2015
      IDSA Comments
    • Modi would find the Eurasian dynamics at odds with his vision of containing China along with the United States. He will have to display pragmatism for building greater convergence with China and Russia.

      July 08, 2015
      IDSA Comments
    • To reconnect with the Eurasian market, India needs to explore the option of a direct land-link through China, i.e., reviving the traditional Ladakh-Xinjiang axis as the natural gateway to Eurasia.

      July 06, 2015
      IDSA Comments
    • Modi’s activism is welcomed in Central Asian countries, though they know that India has already missed the bus and it has a lot of catching up to do.

      June 24, 2015
      Issue Brief
    • Joining SCO could help India get out of the current tight geopolitical spot - wedged between a wall of Pakistani hostility and fear of cooperating with China.

      June 08, 2015
      IDSA Comments
    • It is time for India to reconnect with a rapidly-changing Central Asia—increasingly the focus of world attention, and rivalry among the great powers over security and energy stakes. India too has high stakes in Central Asia, and a cogent policy outlook is long overdue.

    • In today’s India, the narrow nationalism, if not paranoia, built on the burden of 1962 seems only artificial. But, can Modi and Xi move beyond this burden and change the bilateral discourse? Modi needs to be metaphysical not just pragmatic.

      May 14, 2015
      IDSA Comments