Dr. Singh: Pakistani terrorist groups planning more attacks, calls for “balanced and nuanced strategy” to deal with LWE, calls for “removing the causes which lead to alienation of people and problems like naxalism”
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  • Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, at the Chief Ministers’ Conference on Internal Security in New Delhi, pointing out that cross-border terrorism remained a most pervasive threat, stated that there was “credible information of ongoing plans of terrorist groups in Pakistan to carry out fresh attacks.” He added that the area of operation of these terrorists “extends far beyond the confines of Jammu and Kashmir and covers all parts of our country.” Dr. Singh urged better preparation, more sophisticated technologies and enhanced capabilities to deal with the terrorist challenge. He also emphasised the need for guarding the sea frontier as vigilantly as the land border. Though the situation in Jammu and Kashmir had seen a substantial improvement during the last few years, Dr. Singh warned of an increased level of infiltration from across the border as well as a revival of militant activities in the state.

    Dr. Singh expressing concern over the growing intensity of Left Wing Extremism and called for a “balanced and nuanced strategy” to deal with the problem. He also urged the states to discharge their responsibilities and obligations and re-establish the rule of law in areas dominated by the naxalites. At the same time, Dr. Singh called for “removing the causes which lead to alienation of people and problems like naxalism1.”