Nearly 100 killed in powerful bomb blasts in Baghdad; Shias and Sunnis blame each other for the incident
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  • In escalating violence, a powerful truck bomb killed at least 95 people and wounded nearly 600 at the Foreign and Finance Ministries buildings in central Baghdad. The bombings, which were the worst since American forces handed over security responsibilities for cities to Iraqi forces at the end of June, dealt a severe blow to the Iraqi government’s claims that it was ready and able to provide security. Prime Minister al-Maliki termed the attacks a “vengeful response” to his recent, optimistic order to remove blast walls from the streets of Baghdad and called for a reassessment of security measures1.

    Shia politicians and Sunni insurgent groups meanwhile accused each other of being responsible for the massive truck bombings. The Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, a powerful Shia party that forms part of Maliki’s governing coalition, stated that the country was facing a “comprehensive war” and blamed the Sunni Arab minority for the attacks. In a statement, it charged that the “remains of the former Saddam regime who are accusing Shias of being unbelievers are continuing their crimes against innocent Iraqis, revealing their criminal plans against people’s freedom and dignity2.”