China's South Asia policy

China’s Leadership Change and Its Tibet Policy

September 2013

Two new factors have appeared on the Tibetan political scene after the recent leadership change in China.

Change of Guard in China: The Context and the Actors

November 12, 2012

Due to circumstances prevailing inside and outside China, a lot is expected from the new leaders and thus this leadership change is a vastly important process for China and for the world.

Now China may play spoiler to TAPI

July 31, 2012

The timing of the proposal for the new Turkmen-Afghan-China pipeline is intriguing, setting off speculation about whether it was being conceived to stymie TAPI or is part of China’s strategy to guard against any extra-regional influence in Central Asia.

South China Sea Dispute: The Farce of Chinese Multilateralism

July 31, 2012

On territorial and sovereignty related issues, China is likely to increasingly display unilateral tendencies. This is commensurate not only with China’s growing power but also with the relative decline of the United States.

China’s Forward Policy in the South China Sea

July 30, 2012

Cooperation and goodwill of the South-East Asian nations and the international community far outweighs any purported advantage that China might gain in occupying these barren islands.

China's Post-1978 Maritime Relations with South Asia: Towards Greater Cooperation

May 2012

The objectives of this article are, firstly, to identify the place occupied by the Indian Ocean and South Asia in China's maritime strategy, and secondly, to identify the appropriate means of dealing

Infrastructure Development and Chinese War Waging Capabilities in Tibet

July 2011

China has created world class infrastructure on the Tibetan plateau in terms of highways, rail links, airports, logistic installations and oil pipelines which have civilian as well as military usage

China’s Diplomatic Folly

November 23, 2011

The East Asian Summit was a rude awakening, for not one country spoke up on behalf of China on the issue of disputes in the South China Sea.


September 13, 2011

China’s employment of a considerable force including Special Forces to cut off the limited axis of maintenance along with tactics of infiltration over a wide frontage would leave India at the receiving end.

China’s National Interest

February 11, 2011
Fellows' Seminar

Chair: Amd. R. Rajagopalan
External Discussant: Prof. Swaran Singh and Prof. Abanti Bhattacharya

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